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Established in year 2000 and being pioneer in building strategic management system using Balanced Scorecard at its core, we are striving our best to be the first focused company on corporate performance management in Indonesia. 

Managing strategy as core competencyWe are continously building our competencies for strategy-focused corporate performance management capabilities; initiate the strategy that linked to activities and budgets, drive performance-based results and govern to make strategy as a continual process, in every client we work with.

1% inspiration beyond 99% hard working could change the world
We work to enhance the power of human inspiration through good quality services and products. We believe that services we deliver will enable our partners to be more analytic, creative,
inspired and strategically responsive to face today dynamic and fast-changes competition.

Growing through Partnership
Partnership with all stakeholders is key to our progress. Partnership means giving win-win benefits for other to develop the future together.