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Programming and Budget Development
Managing budgets to fuel-up operational programs for strategy execution acceleration
Re-positioning budgeting to be part of corporate performance management processes.  Budget planning have a good side as a resource allocation tools and commitment guidelines, but the purpose should be enhanced and improved if we want it to create continuous values for the organization. Budget planning processes should support an effective performance management system that covers strategy and operational programs planning.  
Enabling strategy execution through better budgeting.  Successful management of large organizations requires some method to determine proper resources allocation, monitoring ongoing usage of resources, and providing an up-to-date picture of where the organization stands in relation to its operational goals. What we need is to make it easier, make it faster, and gain the business benefit of a timely, detailed operational plan, one that is aligned with your strategic goals and allows your people to be accountable.  
Programming and Budget Development
Enterprise Asset Management
Performance and Management Reporting
Profitability Reporting