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Performance and Management Reporting

Business information delivery for managerial decision making

What is needed are not merely business intelligence applications to report operational data.  Most of the time, available operational data reported by a business intelligence software do not match with what management want to see. It is not necessary to invest in ERP system re-development in order to gather transactional data that top management need to have for exercising strategic options, this efforts are not only will take some amount of time but also requires enormous amount of money.  

Translate raw data to management’s point-of-view.  A simple but effective tool provided here to extract then transform operational data and keep it within centralized data stores for instant updates within one version of truth.  Furthermore, OLAP applications will provide us with freedom and easiness of accessing multi-dimensional data, allowing top management to exercise any possible scenario and at the same time investigate contextual data in necessary details. 
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Performance and Management Reporting
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